1-1 Embodiment Coaching

1 to 1 sessions to support you in achieving your goals through aligning body, mind and spirit.


Using personalised meditation and mind-body connection practices to develop a deeper understanding of your experience here, now and how to practically integrate these insights to create lasting transformation in your life.

What past clients have gained from their sessions

  • Developing a personal meditation, movement and/or self-care practice

  • Learning to love being in their bodies!

  • Clarifying and taking action towards their deepest goals

  • Identifying and communicating their needs, desires and boundaries within self and with others

  • Integrating rational and intuitive thinking in decision-making

  • Integrating spiritual experiences into physical life

  • Understanding the language of their intuition

  • Learning how to use ceremony and ritual in daily life

  • Finding new ways to practice self-love

  • Learning to manage their energy field and increase magnetism



60 minute session + integration resources



This is a financially challenging time for many, if you have financial circumstances that prevent you paying the full price but would still like to apply for 1 to 1 coaching, please contact me.

Please send an email if you'd like to organise an intro chat, book a session. or for any further enquiries.



Working with Amelia over the past few weeks has been beyond nourishing. The warmth, care and playfulness she has brought to our sessions has been so illuminating and has really helped me remap how I approach tougher moments with more tenderness, ceremony and lightness. She has helped me so much to confront, heal and release my wounds and limiting belief patterns, and I am feeling so much clearer and rooted in how I am showing up in the world as a result. Amelia has been a wonderful guide in helping me carve out how I feel most aligned in my purpose, and taught me beautiful and eclectic toolbox of practices for me to continue on my way. I would highly recommend her magic to anyone who is feeling called to. It has been a wonderful journey!"

- Allegra


There are few people who serendipitously enter your life to change it for the better and Amelia is one of them. Her intuitive wisdom, coupled with and amazing arsenal of tools, means that Amelia is able to provide the exact guidance that you need in any given moment.

I wholeheartedly recommend inviting Amelia to guide you into a new chapter of your life. Amelia is a beautiful soul and the fact that she is so humbly still on her own journey is what makes her so able to help others with passion and compassion. I look forward to working together again in the future."

- Sophie


Amelia taught me many wonderful practices and tools to connect to my intuition and to cultivate feelings of fulfillment in my everyday life followed by aligned actions. A great professional possibility unfolded for me during the time of our coaching sessions, which Amelia supported me to embrace. The refreshing perspective that all the answers lie within myself is a powerful gift that Amelia helped to understand and truly appreciate. Amelia provides you with beautiful expansive notes after each session that you can always come back to and reflect on. The tools and wisdom that Amelia provided me with continue to support me living a fulfilled life after our sessions. Amelia has such an open and warm heart, carries so much wisdom within herself and is really that good friend who brings out the best in you - wholeheartedly grateful for Amelia and the positive impact she had on my life!"

- Nida


I love working with Amelia because she consistently brings such a rich and authentic presence to each session. Our sessions have helped me re-evaluate how I view myself and what I want in a relationship."

- Jade


The new found trust in my body is something that stands out the most for me as an outcome of our sessions. I have developed more trust and confidence within my body and I have gained so much additional knowledge about the body, health, self-care, self-discipline and clearing emotions which has had a big positive impact in my life. The sessions also helped me integrate a personal morning routine and I love Amelia’s meditations."

- Steve


Amelia’s work has a physical element to it - she often asks me to breathe deeply and speak to the experience of my body rather than my mind. This is often extremely revealing of what’s going on on an emotional and intellectual level. But that aside she also can speak on a fully ideological level about traumas (big or little) and how they maybe creating blocks in our lives or repeated patterns. She then gives practical things tips techniques exercises or just reframing that you can bring into your life so you can start telling a new story; the true story. The biggest gift you can give someone is to help them see themselves through their own eyes, clearly. “Guru” means teacher, and Amelia embodies this by being a non prescriptive, curious, non hierarchical teacher and guide but most of all a friend."

- Bridget

Amelia's Training

  • 200 YTT hours Ashtanga Yoga, Sacred Dance and Ritual with Lorraine Taylor

  • 30 CPD hours Teaching Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with Lisa Kayley-Isley

  • 12 CPD hours Teaching Yoga for Eating Disorders and Emotional Trauma with Lisa Kayley-Isley

  • 25 hours Prana Vinyasa Yoga Trance Dance with Ariana Bates

  • 40 hours Advanced Teacher Training in Yin Yoga with Normain Blair

  • Introductory units of Psychology Bachelor degree at Sydney University and Swinburne University

  • 3 day Coach Training with NLP, TA and Mindfulness with Robbie Steinhouse

  • Level 1 & 2 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training, International School of Temple Arts with Elaine Young

  • Participating and Assisting Dancing Eros Embodiment Workshops

  • Over 5 years experience in receiving 1 to 1 coaching and 2 years experience in offering 1 to 1 coaching

  • 2 years experience in facilitating Embodiment Workshops, Women’s Circles, group and 1 to 1 meditation and yoga classes

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