Hello, I'm Amelia. 


I’m a values-oriented model and embodiment coach.


I teach people how to reconnect to the innate wisdom of their bodies to access natural healing. I believe that every one of us has the power, strength and all of the answers we are seeking, already within us. 


I support people to access this for themselves through mind-body meditation practices.

My Story

In my early teenage years, I developed my first eating disorder. Later on, my experiences of anxiety, depression were further exacerbated by the pressures of beauty norms in the modelling industry.


I have worked as an international fashion model for over 9 years and my career has taken me to live cities all over the world. Whilst being a beautiful and rewarding experience, there was a time where the expectations of the fashion industry made it difficult for me to overcome my eating disorder.


I didn’t realise it at the time, but these struggles would form the basis for my spiritual journey and lead me to where I am today.


Five years ago, I got serious about healing. Although I had seen psychologists throughout my life and even studied psychology at university, it wasn’t until after a life-changing experience in a shamanic workshop in 2017 that I genuinely released my emotional trauma that had been stored somewhere deep in my body for a very long time. This was a moment of awakening for me, and I switched my focus to exploring embodied healing modalities.

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You know what I like most about embodied healing practices?


It's so damn simple and natural. Feeling is healing.

Today, I live in Brisbane (Meeanjin). I teach embodied meditation through 1 to 1 coaching and online resources.


I also work as a model, with Chic Brisbane, MMG and Rothman Models, I’ve built a team of agents that support me to work at my healthy body size and prioritise working with brands who have ethical and sustainable values.


Whether you want to start your healing journey, take it to the next level, work with me on a creative project or you simply feel inspired to connect, please reach out and I will get back to you as soon as possible.