A meditation for Invasion Day

I’m in London today but it feels important for me to honour Invasion day (Australia Day/Survival Day). Australia is the land on which I was born and mostly grew up. In my teenage years Australia Day was often a odd mix of drunken parties and of protests and solemn healing ceremonies paying respects to our Indigenous community on the day which marks the loss of their sovereign rights to their land and culture which were taken from them by British settlers.

This confused National holiday of 'unconscious' celebrations based on the British/European centered perspective of history and respects-paying traditions to honour the Aboriginal perspective of history reflects a bigger issue that exists within modern culture and beyond just the shores of Australia.

I believe that an integral part in creating a more inclusive, respectful and harmonious future relies on each individual questioning the stories we've learned and becoming comfortable with holding a multiplicity of truths which honours every person's perspective equally.

We need to get comfortable with the fact that there is always two (or more) sides to any story,

We need to become skilled in holding respectful space for all sides of the story to be heard,

And we need to get used to questioning the dominant stories and mentalities we have been brought up with, in favour of questioning what story most accurately represents the truth (which includes all sides of the story) and what actions will best serve the collective, not just ourself, moving forward.

Here is my meditation for Invasion day, please join me in this practice if you feel a resonance. It takes 3 minutes.

Invasion Day Meditation:

I sit, close my eyes and center myself with some deep breaths.

When I feel a sense of inner stillness, I draw my breath in my heart space as I say out loud:

“I pay my deepest respects to the traditional owners and custodians of the land we now call Australia

I am sorry for the disrespects to your culture, your wisdoms and your people that have occurred since the settling of Europeans on this land in 1788.

I give my deepest respects to the traditional cultures and their wisdoms

I pray for a harmonious future

I pray for healing of the land and all the people

I pray for an integrated future in which the dominant narrative is inclusive of the multiple perspectives and truths of this lands history,

I pray for a future in which all Australians can acknowledge one another's similarities and differences with deep respect and love for one another as we step forward.

I pray for this mentality in our global community too”

I take some more deep breaths into my heart, feeling the resonance of the words spoken.

Then with my breath, I send loving energy into the earth beneath me, with gratitude to the elders past, present and future of the land on which I stand and of the land of Australia.

Finally I spend a few minutes visualising and feeling the loving frequency of the future I want to create.

The meditation is complete.

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