Celebrating my top posts on Instagram in 2018


Getting into my body Feeling my flow Feeling deeply connected Feeling free in my expression

Without judgment Without focus and objective

Letting my body move and express however it wants to naturally

Simply for the sake

Of being

Of feeling

Of creating

From whatever arises

For ME.

🎼Marian Hill- Lovit

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2. Image 1 or 2?

Do you think soft is beautiful too?

Why/why not?

Where has this preference come from?

It has been proven again and again that ‘repeated exposure creates preference’

Body image dissatisfaction is an EPIDEMIC in our society.

There is no question that the fashion and advertising industry plays a major role in perpetuating beauty trends and it is within this industry that I believe we can start to create powerful change.

The current beauty standards are only norms because we have accepted them for so long.

Change can start HERE and NOW through every one of us... By questioning and consciously choosing how we define and portray beauty, together we can start to re-shape norms and create a more inclusive and celebratory paradigm that supports people to feel comfortable and empowered in their healthy bodies- which looks different for each individual.

I feel beautiful in both of these images and happy to finally be here 😌

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What do I really want to share this week?

I want to share that I’m making much less money this year and it has been hard to support myself and I’ve been told that it’s because my body has gotten softer,

I’ve been told that if I want to make more money, I need to lose weight,

I want to share that I am wondering if I should re-evaluate my health routine and try to do it and so that I can support myself financially and all the study and other work I am wanting to do,

I want to share that this doesn’t feel right, I don’t want to perpetuate these beauty norms for younger generations.

I eat healthily and I trust what my body is craving, I exercise everyday and I trust when my body wants to move more slowly or just walk, dance or do yoga.

I pushed myself so hard to stay very thin for years,

I was richer than ever and I felt EMPTY, I now allow my routine to fluctuate with my hormone cycle, I nourish my body rather than pushing through intense workouts and fighting off cravings during my PMS and bleeding phase. I want to share that I’m happier in my body than ever before.

I want to share that since putting on weight, my period has come back, my mind can focus SO MUCH better,

I feel stronger, I feel sexier, I feel more IN MY BODY, my worth feels deeper than my physical form, my voice is strengthening, my boundaries & communication in both work and personal relationships are strengthening.

I want to share that amongst all these realisations and questions, I feel soft and vulnerable and in this I feel incredibly STRONG.

I don’t know what’s next, But I know that the women I look up to in life and on social media have a strong voice, fierce self love and are not defined by their weight.

Thank you to all these women who have showed me that another path is possible if I’m willing to face my fears of not conforming and take it,

I hope to follow in your footsteps and create a social climate where people can feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever their version of healthy looks like.

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