Harry & Amelia Make It Up

Harry and I have been working together since my first trip to model in London in 2013,

Now 5 years later, we've both moved to sunnier land here in LA and are enjoying hanging out and creating again.

It is always such a pleasure working with Harry, she has a fun, bubbly spirit, quirky British humour and is amazingly talented and dedicated to her work as a make up artist and beauty entrepreneur.

A few weeks ago, Harry came over to my house and we chatted about all things beauty related, including: make up and skin care tips, my favourite products and my journey with modelling over the last 6 years and how my perception of beauty has evolved.

Below is a few photos and part of our conversation, check out the full interview and photo story on Harry's blog

Tips from the make up Chair:

"The best tips I’ve learnt from sitting in the makeup chair include brushing my eyebrows, I love highlighting the cupids bow, the nose, the corner of the eyes and along the collarbone. I love highlighter. I also love lip and cheek tints the kind of product you can use for everything.

I’m rarely keen on makeup that looks like I’m wearing a mask, i.e too much foundation and contour etc, where I don’t look like myself, I find that quite uncomfortable and so it's not an image I want to promote personally.. but then again I do love it when I get to do a job that involves me playing a character that's different to how I usually express myself and I love makeup that helps to create that!"

Anpther excerpt from the interview:

" Going into modelling so young (16), I used what I could see of the fashion industry to help me define what beauty was in society and that contributed to a lot of unhealthy mental patterns, and so the last two years I’ve had a strong focus on undoing all that, and re-finding what beauty really means to me.

I've had to ask myself what it meant and really think about it. In my experience the people who are the most worried about how they look are often the least comfortable in their skin. I find people are the most beautiful when they’re lit up from the inside by what they’re doing and who they are authentically.

Everyone I know gives me a different version of what beauty is and that's what I love, I see beauty as my mum's pleasure in her garden for example, and there's many women who I’ve been learning dance therapy with who are discovering a deeper sense of their selves and their true expression of their inner nature, I find that incredibly beautiful. Women in the entertainment industry, particularly models used to inspire me, but now I am more drawn to actors and women whose strength and comfortability in self radiates through their expression, that's when I can see their physical beauty the most too.

If I could go back and tell my 16 year old self something I would say self love is the most important thing, and I would say don’t treat yourself in a way that isn’t loving for any external perception of what beauty maybe should look like. I gave myself a really hard time for years, without even being aware, with diet and exercise, fear about my style in what I wear, and what I say and how I express myself because I thought beauty had to look a certain way. I'm in a new phase of finding the beauty in my own truth and that's a beautiful place to be."