Lingerie La Nouvelle and Reflections from my Morning Movement Practice

One of my core personal practices is movement meditation

Quietening the mind

Coming back into my body

And expressing freely from here

I had felt unembodied, uncomfortable with expression and disconnected from my inner truth for most of my life

A few years ago, I had a moment of realisation that I only danced freely and felt socially confident was when I was drunk

And that seemed to be the norm amongst my social groups

I found this really sad

Since then I have been passionately committed to exploring why I felt blocked and liberating myself consciously

Embodiment practice allows me to get out of my head and come back into my body, from here a deeper sense of clarity and truth is readily available to me

The strength I find here, I can then take back into the rest of my life in a more clear sense of purpose and direction, more clear boundaries and desires and how to communicate what I want

It amazes me how quickly I can feel emotion rise and clarity form around concepts that were confusing me when I get into my body


I haven't shared it much because of my fear of how different people will interpret it

I fear that my expression will look weird because it is not choreographed or predictable like most dance videos I see

I fear that the erotic nature of what arises when we are deeply embodied and free will be misperceived as me using my sexuality to get followers/attention/desire

I fear that my body will be judged in it's softer, healthy form after many years of keeping myself very thin for modelling work

And I fear making less confident people feel more uncomfortable in themselves

But my belief that it's important to share my truth outweighs this fear more and more every day

And my intention is clear

Whilst I am here In this body I choose to see myself fully All parts of myself I choose to be free And encourage others to do the same

Regardless of previous norms, expectations, judgments

I believe this is the balancing our world needs


Back in their bodies

In touch with our truth

Our emotion

Our creativity

Yesterday my friend showed me an interview with Jordan Peterson X Cathy Newman

It suprises me to still see angry, cold masculine approaches to gender equality debates

It's obvious that it isn't going to help us move forward

We can't re-balance and re-empower the feminine using a masculine approach

I believe that reclamation of repressed feminine power, freedom and sexuality

Starts with each one of us empowering ourselves

Coming back into our bodies

Finding our truth

Finding our freedom

And owning it


When we act from here

Balanced masculine and feminine

Embodied, clear, strong

As well as open and receptive

We have a very different way

Of expressing, communicating, negotiating

I believe this is what will help us move forward

I'm wearing a new favourite French brand @lingerielanouvelle who create unique, sexy, playful lingerie and swimsuits

It's a beautiful thing becoming confident in my body and my sexuality and it's the first time I have collaborated with a lingerie brand

Interestingly, when I kept myself thinner, like most models we see in advertising, I did not feel comfortable in my body


Softer and happier than ever, I feel clear in my message and excited to share myself from this space and encourage other people in finding their healthy form and body confidence

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