'Moving Together' with Free People

Updated: May 4

My personal guide to self-care and finding creative inspiration in isolation

In collaboration with Free People for their #MovingTogether Campaign

Professional Photography Images by Nikita Korchunov

#MovingTogether and encouraging each other to stay strong and inspired is everything right now!

Healthy Structures Serve Wonders

I start my day with some hot water with lemon, ginger and turmeric

Then I like to sit and journal ‘stream of consciousness’ for 15 minutes to get all of the madness out of my head so I can start the day focused and clear

Even 1 minute of breath-focused meditation in the morning does wonders for feeling calm and centred.. and if you’ve got 5-20 minutes - it’s a game changer!”

Once a week I top off my morning routine with a full body and face exfoliation and self-massage with FP's delicious Everyday Oil

Okay so as most of you guys know, cacao ceremony is one of my more obscure & FAVOURITE self-care practices for nourishment and creative inspiration.

You can check out my ceremonial cacao recipe here!

'How to Ceremony'

1. It’s all about intention and mindfulness so make your drink and set your space in the vibe that you want to create more of

2. Sit, take a few deep breaths, give gratitude for the delicious drink in your hands and for the space you’ve created for yourself, set an intention for your ceremony

3. Drink with mindfulness - enjoy the smell, the sight, the flavours and the textures

4. Then do something that lights you up - yoga flow, dance, write, paint, sing, just play and enjoy!”

My final magic tip –

I like to clean my home space with the intention for how I would like to feel in it - e.g inspired, trusting and joyful. I order fresh flowers to make it feel vibrant and beautiful.

This is a strange time and I think that finding little things that allow us to get lost in the moment and enjoy the pleasure of life as often as possible is important!

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