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So, first up

Here, now


I am 23

I am currently living in Los Angeles (but that could change quickly knowing my record)

I started working as a fashion model when I was 17

Ever since

I've been moving homes

Moving countries

Moving cities

Every few months

I've lived and worked in






my hometown Sydney

and here in LA

My social media follows my adventures between my work as a fashion model and journey with healing and personal development

My search for truth and understanding of myself and our world

Constantly readjusting as I step back and forth between industries

I feel very grateful for my work as a fashion model

But I am also hyper aware of the issues that come with beauty and image norms perpetuated by the fashion and advertising industry

Issues for the mind and the body

Issues that stem from associating our sense of self with an image rather than grounded, present physical feeling

After years of battling with eating disorders and anxiety, I now want to help others who are struggling with these issues

I'll be posting about how I have learned to heal and nourish myself on this blog, which is a large part of what got me interested in personal growth and spirituality

I am half way through a Psychology degree with Open University that has travelled with me since 2014​

Over the last two years I have moved my focus from the typical Western psychology model to exploring more alternative therapies

Expressive Embodiment is my current passion

Healing through Feeling

And finding our unique, liberated, authentic expression

Something so natural and innate yet oddly difficult when living in a society with strong social norms

So back to here, now


Los Angeles

I'm currently here working as a model with Vision Los Angeles


I am also assisting Dancing Eros courses in LA starting March 25


I also love to collaborate with brands.

From the beginning ideas of the making of the product,

To designing shoots and pulling together a creative team,

And creating compelling visual content, for advertising and for art/editorial projects.

Please get in contact with me if you have any questions or collaboration ideas, this website is built with the intention to expand my possibilities for connection :)