What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Wearing vintage top & jeans, @analuisany jewelry and @chiemihara boots

Sustainable fashion is a popular topic at the moment and there are so many different ideas and opinions floating around so I like to hear about what different people actually do to make more sustainable fashion choices. Leave a comment or send me a message - What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

To me, sustainable fashion means having an ongoing honest conversation with myself and my community about how we can consume and create fashion in a way that has more positive impact on the environment and in our society.

It includes:

- Being more selective about my style

- Buying less

- Re-cycling and re-gifting more

- Supporting brands who are implementing sustainable and ethical production processes

- When I get a creative impulse to try new things I go to vintage shops instead of buying something new

For me, it's more about living in touch with my values of caring for the environment and honouring my unique creative expression. It’s part of a bigger choice to live a values oriented life.

Wearing sustainable brand @id_uk_official

Here are a few of my top tips for making more sustainable fashion choices, I'd love to hear yours too!

- I buy less and make sure I love what I get and that it's good quality. The golden question is "Will I wear it more than 10 times?" if not then maybe it's not necessary

- I'm not rigid about only buying second hand or from sustainable brands but I'm very selective when I do buy new things as I want to cherish them and to get a lot of wear out of them

- If I want to get creative and try new things or get something that feels different for an event I go to vintage shops or look on Depop and Vestaire

- When I no longer feel drawn to an item, I’ll gift it or sell it on Depop or Vestaire, I love thanking each piece and sending it off to someone else who can enjoy it in a new way

- If it doesn't sell online then I'll take them to a charity shop, but I do this less often at the moment as a lot of charity shop clothes go to landfill too if they don't sell

- Making the most of the clothes I own - Often using delicate, cold washes and gentle, natural detergent to help my clothes last longer, I bought this 'fabric shaver' which helps revive knitwear and keep it looking new for A LOT longer!

- I love going to events where I can meet other people who are interested in and/or working in sustainable fashion and hear about new brands and what's happening at the forefront of the movement Lone Design Club and Fashion Revolution has great events for this in Europe!

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