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    "My experience with the Body Magic online course really was magical. It helped me connect with my body in a whole new way, and gave me a brilliant toolkit that I can use anytime, whether I have 10 minutes or an hour to spare. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to deepen their embodiment practice, really connect in with themselves, open themselves up to more love, and be guided through it all by a teacher who radiates warmth, kindness and easeful joy." -Sophie


    “Thank you so much for the Body Magic Course. It was such a treat to be reminded to come back from my head and into my body and to flow with what my body wanted to express. I love the guidance of your gentle clear voice and soundtrack which invokes a range expression to open to. Your Body Magic is a tool I can imagine using often to get me back into my flow, my expression, especially when feeling angst, stuckness or simply a need to move and self nurture. It is a gift of liberation for the body and soul - Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Perina


    “Body Magic was a really positive experience that brought new awareness not only to my body but to how I might unconsciously self-limit myself to new experiences without even realizing it. It was really the first lesson, which is a dancing meditation that challenged me in this way. Despite being alone, really releasing myself into a fully embodied free-form movement made me initially feel kind of self-conscious and silly. I like thinking of myself as a pretty open-minded guy who isn’t too caught up in gender normative ideas but I started to reflect on if I really live this deep in my bones (in an embodied way) or if it’s more in principle. Either way, I think getting more into embodied dance will be a really rewarding in several ways; also in the sense that I am a bit absent-minded in my movements in daily life and appreciated the grounding effect this brought.
    The idea behind the aligned-action meditation was really intriguing to me and I can see myself easily incorporating it into my daily meditative practice. We live in a culture that lives for goals and deadlines and I think this more process/present-oriented visualization is so important. It was actually quite inspiring!" -Nick


    “I am talking to my body and my body is talking back!!!! Simple but revolutionary practices you can visit and revisit in order to find centre and most importantly, find yourself. Worth the commitment and worth pushing through the wigglies that might come up. This work will come with me for life! I’ve done practice 3 four times already. All 3 are practices that can be done daily in silence, and will root and remind you of your goals and your truth, which is all you need to know in life. Finding safety in the body is my starting point for every day, and for life. The body magic practices are quick, simple ways to find truth and find yourself amidst the many waves of every day life.Thank you Amelia for taking the time to record and guide us through simple and meaningful practices and rituals that are extremely practical for grounding and then moving through any journey of development and goal seeking.” - Bridget


    "I really enjoyed Body Magic, Amelia projects calm and loving energy and it is a joy to connect with oneself being guided by her. I can find it easy to get lost in my thoughts and my emotions: the course allowed me to feel into them, without bypassing but rather giving them different ways to express and transform. Being quick and practical, I managed to fit the practices well into a tight schedule and bring some self compassion into my day." -Bel


    “The Body magic course has allowed me to reconnect with my intuition, learn more about myself and feel empowered. It’s fairly instinctive to treat others with kindness but I often forget how important it is to give that to myself aswell, which is where body magic comes in. I particularly loved the dance magic practice which I found very empowering as I struggle with self-consciousness when dancing. It has taught me a different approach to dancing as an important self care practice that I now love doing regularly, and am no longer too self-conscious to do in front of other people. Bringing the practices from the body magic course into my day to day life, I’m constantly learning more about myself. This course allows you to take precious time to tune into yourself for some much needed self love.” -Anna


    "The Body Magic practices allow you to connect to your body and true inner self. They are practices that I haven't come across so far and I am very grateful that Amelia has brought them into my life. I believe that they should be taught at schools as they are so essential, liberating and powerful in my eyes. The self-massage is a practice that I incorporate regularly in my day-to-day life because it allows me to connect with my body in a unique way and brings me clarity and insight as well as connection to my intuition. I think that the Body Magic Tasters have the potential to change your life and I hope that more individuals will get to practice them, as that may have a wonderful impact on our world." -Nida


    “About the dance practise: personally, I love to dance when going out for example, but I always have some fears to fully let it go with others around - but also when I'm just all by myself. It was such a great experience to let the movements of your body just flow during the playlist. I think for me it was very important that the songs last about 50min and not just like 15min or so. I noticed that at first I was a bit reserved and with every song I could let go more and more. So thank you very much for that wonderful experience so far, I think I try to keep doing that as a regular "practise" to feel more confident about just letting the music take over. I think you have done a wonderful job on the course! I can totally feel that you created it by heart and with lots of passion.” -Luisa


    "The Body Magic practices help me feel more connected with my body and experience a sense of absolute self-love! The course also helped me  release uncomfortable emotions and tensions that my body was holding on to for so long" -Veronika


    “ The dance was my favourite and the most powerful practice for me. The massage was interesting and different. It was interesting to give attention to body parts which never receive attention and trying out the different types of touch was simple and pure – I felt like a curious child (haha).   And in the final meditation, I felt that I freed up space inside me and then when ready I filled it up with an emotional present feeling. I loved it!” -Ita


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