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Amelia is an Australian values-oriented model, content creator and embodiment coach.


Amelia retired from working with big modelling agencies in 2019 and began her search for a team that would support her to put values first by prioritising the health of her body before physical size and actively seeking clients rooted in ethical and sustainable practice. She currently works in London with MMG and in Germany with Rothman Models.


Amelia creates visual content for fashion, beauty and wellness brands, always prioritising work for sustainable and ethical companies who promote an inclusive, diverse and empowering vision of beauty.


Amelia also teaches weekly yoga and meditation classes, holds wellness workshops and offers 1 to 1 embodiment coaching online. She creates a safe, nurturing space for transformation, using mind-body meditation practices to help people connect to the wisdom within their bodies and access natural healing. 


  • Modelling

     Amelia has had a successful modelling career for 9 years travelling between Australia, UK and America and also working in Europe, Japan, Mexico, Bali and Peru. Amelia has worked for a wide range of commercial and fashion clients - from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Tommy Hilfiger and ASOS. Amelia has also been interviewed for publications like Oyster and Elle magazine about her personal journey with body-image and finding her authentic expression whilst working as a fashion model.

    Wellness Events

     Amelia is passionate about sharing holistic wellness and mind-body practices as vehicles to help people live more fulfilling lives. She has over 300H in Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 12 years and teaching for 2 years. Amelia started studying psychology at Sydney University in 2013 but after 2 years, she shifted her focus to embodied healing modalities including tantra, shamanism, yoga and various forms of meditation which she continues to study and teach today through weekly online classes, wellness workshops and 1 to 1 coaching sessions.

  • Embodiment Guide

     Amelia offers embodiment coaching through classes, workshops and in 1 to 1 coaching sessions. She weaves her natural listening skills and desire to help people grow into their full potential, with her study of psychology and mind-body-spirit connection practices to offer her clients a safe, supportive space to work towards their physical, mental and emotional goals.

    Content Creation

    Amelia has been creating visual content for over 5 years. Amelia directs the artistic vision and either shoots it herself or brings together a creative team. She has worked for commercial fashion clients like Jimmy Choo, Free People and Paco Rabanne, independent sustainable fashion brands like ID and Ana Luisa and wellness brands like Superfeast and The Cacao Club. Amelia also creates editorial shoots that tell stories about the struggle and beauty of the human experience and the quest for a fulfilling life. Amelia’s creations are shared with her social media community of over 80,000 on Instagram and streadily growing Youtube of over 1.1K

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