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Hey, I'm Amelia,

Welcome to my website.


I have been a fashion model for the last 7 years which took me from my home in Sydney, Australia to live and work between London, LA, NYC, Tokyo and lot's of other places.

I now reside in London where I still model and I create visual content for brands who champion ethical and sustainable values.


As I developed into womanhood, I realised that the beauty norms in our society did not encourage me to feel confident in my body and appearance. Over the last 5 years, I’ve dedicated a lot of energy to learning about optimal health, happiness and living a fulfilling life. I love to support other people who are on a similar journey. I do this through teaching yoga classes in London and offering 1 to 1  coaching for people who want to deepen their personal yoga, meditation or spiritual practice and learn to develop a loving and trusting relationship with their body. 

Check out more of my work through my blog and social media @ameliazadro