I'm Amelia.


I am a values-oriented model, content creator and embodiment coach.

Simply put, I help people reconnect to the innate wisdom within their bodies.

My career as a fashion model started in Australia when I was 17 and took me on adventures to Japan, around Europe, USA and Mexico over the last 9 years.


Five years ago, I got serious about healing from eating disorder mentality and feeling self-conscious in my body,


This commitment lead me to studying psychology until I had an experience in a shamanic workshop of releasing a lot of pain stored somewhere deep in my body which switched my focus towards exploring embodied healing modalities.


I realised that I could only get so far using my conscious mind, whereas, in body based modalities like yoga, dance, meditation, kinesiology and massage, I was able to bypass mental frameworks and get straight to the core of old traumas and experience profound momentary insight, release and re-patterning.


You know what I like most about it?


It's so damn simple and natural. Feeling is healing. 


Today, I live in London, 


I teach yoga, meditation and embodied healing modalities through 1 to 1 coaching and online resources.


I also still work as a model, with MMG and Rothman Models, now at a healthy size for my body, YAY!

Please send me an email here if you'd like to work together or just feel inspired to connect and I'll do my best to get back to you within 48h.


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