Amelia is a values-oriented model and embodiment guide.


Amelia has had a successful international modelling career for 9 years. She took a break from the industry in 2019 and since returning, she has found a team of agents who support her in prioritising the health of her body before physical size and working with clients rooted in ethical and sustainable practice. She is currently represented by Chic Brisbane in Australia, MMG in London and Rothman Models in Germany.

Amelia creates visual content for fashion, beauty and wellness brands, always prioritising work for sustainable and ethical companies who promote an inclusive, diverse and empowering vision of beauty.


Alongside her modelling career, Amelia has also studied Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Tantra and various forms of embodied healing practices for over 10 years. She teaches embodied meditation through online resources and 1 to 1 coaching online.

Amelia currently resides in Brisbane / Meeanjin, Australia, unceded Turrbal land.


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