I’m Amelia, a values-oriented model and embodiment guide. I currently reside on the unceded land of the Turrbal peoples in Meeanjin (Brisbane), Australia.


Across my decade-long modelling career, I’ve sought to explore the value of human connection in creative collaboration in both commercial environments and more intimate projects. My work as a fashion model and  digital content creator has taken me around Australia, the UK, the US, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Bali and Peru.


Upholding authenticity as a center point of my work, led me to take a step back from modelling in 2019 as I embarked on a process of healing from an eating disorder and  re-evaluating how I wanted to keep contributing to this industry. I returned a year later, with a more intentional focus on health and sustainability. I now work with agents who support my prioritisation of  holistic well-being over physical measurements, and I focus on collaborating with like-minded people who are pioneering ethical and sustainable practices. Prioritising projects with brands that promote diverse and empowering visions of beauty is how I stay energised in my creative process.


This renewed approach to my work extends to my holistic wellness practice which has been a personal exploration for over 12 years, transitioning into a professional focus over the past three. With training in psychology, PSYCH-K®, various forms of meditation, and over 300 hours in Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings, I seek to enable more intuitive navigation of mind-body connection within my clients, as a vehicle for personal empowerment. I offer 1-to-1 coaching sessions and create bespoke meditations for individuals and companies, including global fashion brands and creative agencies.

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Australia — Chic Brisbane

London — MMG

Germany — Rothman Models

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